Jeffery Lando

Director of Photography

Born in the United States but raised in France, Jeffery made his first movie at the age of 6. He learned how to use a camera from his father, Barry Lando a producer for 60 minutes ®. He also learned how to obsess over back lighting and began to torture all those within earshot about its benefits. Later, while getting his college degree in artificial intelligence (a fruitless attempt to replace the real one he possessed) Jeffery decided to embrace his movie roots and enroll in a summer film class at NYU. It was there that the magical mystical bond with James began. They co-wrote and co-directed an eerie video called Toothpaste, which starred James in the lead role. Jeffery went on to shoot most of James’ student films on through his years at Columbia University. It was on one of Jeffery’s short films that they cemented their mark on film school history. By setting fire to James’ dorm room bathroom on the shoot of one of Jeffery’s short films, they single handedly ended the long-standing tradition of students shooting in their dorm rooms. It is now an NYU policy that shooting in dorms is prohibited. In the fifteen years since that fateful time, Jeffery has been shooting independent films and is currently living in Vancouver, BC, where he is a camera operator with IATSE 669, and a set lighting technician with IATSE 891.