James Bai

Director, Writer, and Producer

Born in Columbia, Missouri and raised in Southern California, James Bai studied business management as an undergraduate while playing lead guitar in various rock bands dating back to jr. high. It was as an accountant that he made his first film, a short animation on 10 stacks of Post-Its ® called Bonin’: A Dog’s Life. After confirmation from his younger brother, who at that time was attending NYU’s undergraduate film program, that the short was indeed as funny as he thought, James applied to graduate film schools and was accepted by Columbia University. It was there that he spent 4 years developing his quirky and and intense visual story-telling style. His student short films went on to garner numerous awards while screening internationally and broadcasting domestically. After graduating, a calling to go “into the shed” caught hold of James and he spent the next 6 months in Alaska, where he taught himself to play the piano by ear at a nearby church, as research for his new film. James returned to New York City, and settled in the borough of Brooklyn where he embarked on the production of the mesmerizing tale of Puzzlehead. Puzzlehead made its world premiere at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival and was the grand prize winner at the Scienceplusfiction Film Festival.